Affordable Therapy @ Inspirational Counselling

Here at Inspirational Counselling we offer access to high quality but yet affordable counselling, at a time and place most convenient for you? If you are seeking help but cannot easily access good quality affordable counselling, that either fits your busy schedule and meets your financial needs then we can offer the perfect solution.

One of the services that our practice offers is affordable therapy. We understand that even though you may want emotional support, to help you through a difficult time in life this is not always feasible due to financial constraints of daily life/expenses.

We believe that Making professional empathic counselling accessible, affordable, convenient - so anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help at anytime.

Therefore, we offer counselling full 50 minute counselling sessions from £25. Please call for more information.


Benefits of Affordable Therapy

Tailored to your affordability

You can access Affordable Therapy at a convenient day or time

Easy payment options

High Quality Counselling in a professional environment